An account for free

TOOLS4COM offers you for all its products a lifelong free account. This account will allow you to test, without any commitment, all our services’ functionalities. You could decide at any time to subscribe to any pay plan while keeping the input data. And this is not all: TOOLS4COM OIS accounts will allow you to benefit from the free updates.

Independence at a low cost

You are free to renew your subscription or to cancel it and you have the guarantee to recover all your data in the formats specified in the application and to keep your free account. You will only pay for the period you have chosen to subscribe to.

A simple and flexible pricing system

The simplicity of the pricing system allows a perfect predictability of costs. When you subscribe to the services of TOOLS4COM you are invoiced for the initial period of the plan that you have chosen (thirty days). At the end of each period, you are free to renew or upgrade your subscription plan or automatically return to the free version of the service. If necessary, even if your period is not done, you will have the possibility to upgrade the plan of your account to a higher version.

Fast & Easy

Once you register you can start using the services of TOOLS4COM. The configuration section will allow you a quick and autonomous deployment. Thanks to the friendly and intuitive ergonomics of our applications, either you are an expert or a novice, you will find them easy to navigate and understand.

SSL encryption

With a SSL certificate that offers an encryption up to 256 bits, TOOLS4COM OIS protects your sensitive data and tries to make you trust the services it offers. TOOLS4COM uses the Thawte certificate, member of the group VeriSign, N°1 in the world of the SSL certification; * $100, 000 of guarantee.

Data backup

Your data is backed up every night by two independent services. Each back up is stored in another place in order to guaranty its security. Even in case of disaster such as flood, fire or tornado, your information will be secured and your files could be quickly restored.


TOOLS4COM OIS has been designed and developed to work on any machine with an Internet connection and a recent browser. Whether you are using Windows, Mac or Linux, whether you are using:
  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher [7,8]
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
TOOLS4COM OIS guarantees you full compatibility.


Invoicing according to the volume. Fast and important scalability ability. Ability to adapt to invoicing flows change.


Communicate on a modern enterprise image. Reduce enterprise’s paper consumption and its impact on the environment.

On parle de nous

ToolsForCom OIS permet de gérer en ligne, entre autres, les fonctions de facturation, devis, avoirs, factures pro-formats, bons de livraison, clients et produits, ainsi que l'export PDF et le calcul automatique de la TVA...

Tools4Com, new online invoicing system Tools4Com OIS is yet another example of such web applications; reproducing all the essential features of an invoicing desktop application...

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