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Business Partnership Offer

You are welcome to our business partnership program if you want to become reseller of TOOLS4COM online invoicing solution.

Are you a potentiel reseller ?

  • You are professional or independent: enterprises, institutions or associations?
  • You have an experience in sales and training?
  • TOOLS4COM OIS is complementary to the products you are commercializing today?

If you answer yes to all these questions then this program is made for you!

Is there a right of entry or any obligation?

There are a no membership constraints:
  • No right of entry : becoming a TOOLS4COM-Partner is for free, no start-up fee is required.
  • No sales volume obligation
  • No inventory to be formed : you have no subscription to pay in advance. This is an online application, there is no inventory!

The transparency of our solution

We act on your behalf in total transparency and as a white brand. You are free either to communicate our identity or not to your clients.

Very attractive commissions

We apply discounts on our offers’ prices and we could develop specific offers in order to meet your needs and expectations.

Once you feel ready, send your application to partners [ @ ]

On parle de nous

ToolsForCom OIS permet de gérer en ligne, entre autres, les fonctions de facturation, devis, avoirs, factures pro-formats, bons de livraison, clients et produits, ainsi que l'export PDF et le calcul automatique de la TVA...

Tools4Com, new online invoicing system Tools4Com OIS is yet another example of such web applications; reproducing all the essential features of an invoicing desktop application...

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